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City Girl and the Black Colt by Marga Jonker


Title: City Girl and the Black Colt.
Author: Marga Jonker
Publisher: NB Uitgewers
Pages: 158
Source: Gift
Genre: Young Adult Fiction
Rating: 4 stars

What’s it about?

A City girl is forced to go on holiday with her mom the biologist. She is furious about being stuck with her mom for a holiday on the Cape West Coast. Her grandma calls it weird and says that it’s only worthwhile in the flower season. With her friends launching their new blog The Popular Corner, how will she have anything to post in this boring little old town? Jessica is about to have the surprise of her life when the holiday delivers dolphins, yachts and even a wild horse chase under the moonlight. This is an adventure you don’t want to miss.


My experience:

Jessica annoyed me gravely in the beginning of the book. She appeared to be spoilt and too obsessed about the unimportant things in life.  However, there was something about her that made me think there is something about this girl. Something special so that I wasn’t willing to give up on her. Even if I felt annoyed with her, I didn’t want anybody to be mean to her or pick on her. I was ready to defend her.

“She couldn’t be much further removed from LIFE then she was right now.”
Jessica and her friends made up the acronym LIFE.  This quote above was ironic for me, because it was so very true. She was so far removed from life. She was so obsessed with what her friends thought and the importance of what she was going to post about on the blog that she was missing the important things in life. Important aspects like family, and giving people a chance and not have their value based on physical appearance or wealth status.

A metaphor I will use to describe this book:

It seems fitting to compare this book to a person riding a horse. At first, the horse is dragging the person,  trying to move forward, but the person that is supposed to ride the horse is just not having it, being lazy and just not caring that the horse wants to take off. Then something catches the person’s eye in the far distance and they decide to climb on the horse but just for a short bit. Then, before they know it, the horse is galloping with them and they are having the time of their life.

What I did not like

I did not like how dislikable the mean girl was. It didn’t seem as if Jessica had anything nice to say about Sandra at all. So if you are going to be friends with someone, you should have to be able to have some nice things to say about them.


What I liked

It’s very visual. I could see the ocean and hear the creaks from the boat and especially the horses I could see them vividly, thanks to the delightful descriptions. The horses seemed to come alive out of the pages, inviting you to come see the world the book has to offer.

The ending had me like this “Tell me more”:


I give this book 4 neighing stars.



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Series Review: Throne of Glass Sarah J. Maas

As promised a review for the Heir of fire but since I didn’t know how to review this book as a stand alone so I am going to review the entire series up until just before Empire of storms. Spoiler free.

Title: Throne of Glass
Author: Sarah J. Maas
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Source: Bought
Genre: Fantasy, Teens & YA
Rating: 4 stars


Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass #1)


Crown of Midnight (Throne of Glass, #2)



Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass, #3)

Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass, #3)


Queen of Shadows (Throne of Glass, #4)


What’s it about?

It’s about the greatest assassin Adarlan has ever known. Celaena Sardothien is brought back by the crown prince to fight in a battle to become the king’s champion which will lead to her freedom from the dreaded prison Endovier.  If she won she would work as the king’s assassin and be granted freedom after 4 years of work. The contest is brutal and filled with thieves and other skilled mercenaries. When one of the other contestants show up dead Celeana decides to investigate before she is next.


My experience:

Honestly, once you get into the series you can’t put it down. You gobble it up like candy and before you know it you are on the last book of the series and it’s a whole year before the next one comes out. This series takes you on a grand adventure makes you fight like an assassin gives you the courage of an iron teeth witch and makes you cheer for loyalty and honour.

My metaphor

This series is like a fire. It takes a little bit of work to get it started. Gather the wood and start rubbing two sticks meaning you have to read a little bit. if you don’t fancy the first book I would say keep reading. The more you put in the stronger and bigger the fire burns until it’s one massive storm of fire that threatens to evaporate all your reading plans for quite a while. It’s an addictive series that you need to digest. It brings you to tears of sadness and anger it makes you laugh and it keeps you on the edge of your horse yelling for it to continue. The flow of the writing is easy to follow the breaks between the books are almost none existent it’s like one massive book.

The characters

The great thing about these books is you get to live in the skins of the different characters which gives the story a different dynamic and keeps it exciting. Sometimes you want to skip the chapter of the character you are currently reading because you are so engrossed with a different character’s journey but you keep reading in case you miss something important.

Overall the series so far has a 4-star rating for me.







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Dream Protocol by Adara Quick


Author: Adara Quick
Publisher: Xpresso Book Tours
Pages: 154
Source: Netgalley
Genre: Sci Fi & Fantasy , Teens & YA
Rating: 3 stars
I was going through unreviewed books and I found this little review on the shelf.

I had this little book on a shelf for an unfair amount of time. All the other books due dates were before this book so it kept getting the shelf treatment. However, even though I was so busy with the other books the little story never left my mind. After reading only a few chapters they were vivid and imprinted in my mind. A silent call to finish the story. And here I am. Finally finished.

My experience:

It was sweet. It was a short novel and a combination of a society forged from a realm where Divergent and Hunger Games meets. A world where 30 years of age is very old and life is lived in different shades of gray. A place where one is only allowed to experience color and taste in your dreams.


It’s like they are stuck in a snowglobe and while you read it you can see the limits and lies forced in the glass to keep the people from looking outside and realizing that there is a life outside. The book made you see the politics and reminded you how easily we humans tend to ignore than to fight against the tide of indifference.

What I liked about this book:

Well, I liked that it is a series and that the story has a lot of space to grow. I am quite keen to read the next book in the series to see where we will go next.

What I didn’t like about this book:

I suppose how old they made someone sound who was only 30 years old.


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Yes! it is I. The myth that is Snow has come back! I have returned to the land of the blogger.

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Image result for gif throw paper balls

I realize that I have been somewhat inactive.

Image result for gif throw paper balls

Alright, Very inactive. Tough crowd.

I was overwhelmed with studies.

I was challenged to create an abstractive summary for the studying of computers. And yes it was an ogre of a task. However, it did not best me in the duel. We both came out on top with no more insults left to throw at the other.

Now I am back again ready to review. If you have any books to suggest for me to read I am open to you noble gents and ladies, unicorns and other magical creatures. My shelves gather dust in the sound of silence.

I am currently reading the throne of glass series and I know I have not reviewed any of these books in the series but if you will have me I will review the Heir of Fire. The review will come swiftly upon its noble steed.

Image result

See you soon!



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The Free by Lauren McLaughlin




Title: The Free
Author: Lauren McLaughlin
Publisher: Soho Teen (Random House)
Pages: 342
Source: Edelweiss
Genre: Young Adult Fiction / Law & Crime
Rating: 4 stars


This book was a journey. The character Isaac West was revealed through puzzle pieces only allowing us to see the whole picture by the end of the novel.


My Experience

Isaac West has been sent to juvie to serve time. 30 days. A lot can happen in 30 days. It is mandatory for Isaac to write his crime stories and to discuss it in group therapy. The group members are like piranhas, seeking the truth and only the absolute truth. The group claws at Isaac’s words until they scratch bone. Isaac is forced to face the stories he has always hidden from everybody even himself.


Metaphor I will use to describe this book

I will compare this book to rock climbing. You are climbing the mountain to get to the top. You realise you are getting higher and higher and that the danger is growing more intense by the meter. I felt like I was the backpack and the book was the rock climber. I didn’t want to look down because I didn’t want to see what was going on below. The higher we climbed the clearer the view became. Till we reached the top and I had this eureka moment of wow we made it.

After I finished the book I felt elevated.


What I did not like

I guess there was a certain romanticizing of juvie that I was unsure of how to process. It later sounded more like a boarding school with a few group of bullies than juvie. Ironically this is not something I didn’t like. What I didn’t like is how juvie seemed better to me than the free.


What I liked

I’m in love with the poem that was written in this book. As a poet, I truly admired the poem and would love to know who wrote the poem. Whether it was the author and if so how they made it so personal.



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Sincerely Snow



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The Soul Catcher by Rowanne Carberry

Author: Rowanne Carberry
Publisher: Weapenry Co-Op
Pages: 113
Source: Netgalley
Genre: Sci Fi & Fantasy, New Adult
Rating: 2 stars
The story:
Spirit-speaker. Death Seer.
To preserve her sanity, Jemma lives her lie—that she is normal. As a child, her psychic gifts cost her everything. So when she foresees a woman’s murder, she does nothing to prevent it and unwittingly helps a serial killer get away with another murder.
Guilt-ridden, she reports the crime only to find herself thrown into a world she didn’t know existed. Coerced into working with the police, battling to keep herself alive and dealing with newfound emotions, Jemma is forced to use the gifts she sees as a curse, to save the lives of others.
My Experience:
No. No. No.
Okay listen, I like psychic books as much as the next person but this book was just, you guessed it, no.
It’s about a woman who can see when people will die if she touches them and if they are close to dying. She can also see ghosts.
Okay, so far you are like,
“What’s the problem Snow, this sounds cool?”
Wait! I’m not done.
Jemma is basically recruited by a Psychic CIA and she is forced to relive horrific images of people being murdered by a bossy pants detective.Why?
In hope that it would help them save some lives. When in honesty her suffering was useless and had no effect what so ever to her strengths and capabilities. It was just mental torture with the hope that the main character would seem strong. Instead, she complained. Complained about everything. I mean being tortured does suck, I’ll admit, but you know what sucks more? Me having to read for pages and pages how much you are suffering. I get it. It’s bad.
Snow is already reading that you are being tortured and the suffering you are going through is emphasized through the entire book you don’t have to tell Snow again how bad it really is, Snow gets it. It’s bad.
It was like watching one of those plays where all the actors are trying too hard. The romance scene is screaming at you to feel the romance. The depressing scenes are yelling at you to cry.
Honestly, it was over dramatic and just confusing. I’m still not sure if it had a sad ending or a happy ending.
I am changing it up. I am not giving reasons why I liked it or did not like it. I’m a rebel now.
raw (1).gif
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At Rope’s End by Edward Kay

As I was saying going to post every week… Starting now.
Author: Edward Kay
Publisher: Crooked Lane Books
Pages: 304
Source: Netgalley
Genre: Mystery & Thriller
Rating: 3 stars
The Story:

Dr. James Verraday is a professor of forensic psychology specializing in eyewitness recall and criminal profiling. He’s a brilliant original thinker with a passion for social justice and a very antagonistic relationship with authority, especially the police force. So when Detective Constance Maclean appears in Verraday’s lecture hall at the end of one of his classes, he bristles. But the body of a young woman has just been found in a cranberry bog south of Seattle, and Maclean is convinced that this murder is tied to an earlier killing.

The Seattle police already have a suspect in custody for that case, but Maclean suspects the lead detective is knowingly putting away an innocent man to boost his numbers and quiet his critics. Verraday reluctantly agrees to use his skills as a profiler to help out with the investigation–if only to satisfy his own conviction that law enforcement is riddled with corruption. They form an unlikely alliance and soon find themselves tied up in a deadly game to find a serial killer whose wealth and influence make him almost untouchable

My Experience:
This is a fast-paced novel. You join the journey of a detective and basically a profiler, Constance and James.
It was an enjoyable read. You didn’t have to work hard to understand the story you could just sit back relax and watch the main characters chase a sadistic serial killer.
While on the journey of finding a serial killer strange things start happening around James’s house resulting in some bonus thriller material.
This book was like when you’re sitting on the lawn and watching everybody do the work around you. With a cold drink in your hand you’re encouraging everybody to do the work while you get to sit back and watch. It was a nice lazy thriller. A good pace with a good story.
What I liked:
I really enjoyed when James was analyzing suspects. It gave mentalist vibes. You got a chance of looking through the eyes of someone that trusts no one and can give you immediate reasons as to why.
What I did not like:
I wanted the story to show more conflict between James and the police.
Sincerely, Snow.
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It is I, Snow.

Good morrow fair people of the internet.

It is not that I have disappeared nor the lack of reading that hinders me from posting reviews.

It is something far more drastic than that. I suffer from procrastination.


true story.gif



Even though the review is typed out and all that has to be done is a simple copy and paste, into the portal that is this website. I find myself wandering into different realms, such as YouTube the land of never return.


Twitter the land of never satisfied.


Tumblr the land of the lost wonderland.



However, after all my travels I have come back yet again. With many stories, maybe even more stories, than you might care to listen to. I ask that you stay with me as I prove to you I am worthy of your attention. That the stories I tell are ones you have not heard before. Prepare yourselves for Snow is on a mission.

I will post one post a week even if it’s me posting about the lack of a post. My flame for reviewing has been reignited. Join me in my travels.

Sincerely Snow



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Prelude to Mayhem (Mayhem Wave #1) by Edward Aubry



Series: Book 1
Author: Edward Aubry
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press
Pages: 342
Source: Netgalley
Genre: Sci Fi & Fantasy
Rating: 4 stars



On May 30, 2004, the world transformed. Nearly all signs of civilization vanished, leaving in their wake a bizarre landscape of wilderness, advanced technology and magic, and leaving Harrison Cody very much alone. After weeks of surviving in solitude, he hears a voice on the radio, beckoning him to cross a thousand miles of terrifyingly random terrain to meet her, and any other survivors, in Chicago. Eager to find any remnants of humanity, he sets forth, joined by an unexpected—and inhuman—companion.

For Dorothy O’Neill, the end of the world means she will never finish ninth grade. On her own, she builds a home in the ruins of a strip mall, relying on her ingenuity and hard work to maintain some semblance of creature comforts. When another survivor arrives, he brings futuristic technology and stories of monsters he has encountered. Armed with this information, she takes a new interest in exploring her world, but she is not prepared for what awaits her, and the new arrival has brought his own set of problems.

On their separate journeys, Harrison and Dorothy begin to piece together what has happened to their world. Their questions have answers to be found in what remains of Chicago, and from the mysterious voice on the radio offering the hope that civilization can be rebuilt.

My Experience

Welcome to the maze runner meets the gone series. A delightful combination of horror thriller makes it one to watch out for. I hope this book becomes such a hit that it get its own movie, it deserves a movie.

It’s set in a post-apocalyptic scene. The one day everything is fine for Cody and Dorothy, the next they have been stranded alone in a world that regressed to a primitive state of jungles, dinosaurs and technology hundred years before its time.

Image result for city jungle fanart


Their only hope is to follow the voice of a mysterious girl on the radio calling all survivors to meet up in Chicago.


I’m going to use a train to describe this book since it occurs in the story. It was like being on a train that starts moving faster and faster that you have to grab onto something to make sure you don’t lift off the ground and get slammed into a window. Just as the train starts reaching a terrifyingly beautiful speed you are thrown off with an alarming crash.

Image result for metro gif


Don’t be alarmed for you will get back on again in book 2 which I am beyond eager for.


What I liked:

I loved the genre and how I have found a new author that writes similar to Michael Grant.

What I didn’t like:

I don’t like that I have to wait for the next book.

Image result for sad animated gif


A young adult book that I definitely recommend to fans of divergent, The maze runner and the Gone series. It’s a great story with hints of darkness in the background sprinkled with horror.



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POPO GIGI: the earlier years – London to Bollywood

I recommend this book to those who love chaotic shoulder shaking stomach howling laughter.



Title: POPO GIGI: the earlier years – London to Bollywood
Author: Samuel G. Sterling
Publisher: Jolliwood Books
Pages: 586
Source: Provided by Jolliwood Entertainment
Genre:  Adult Fiction, Comedy
Rating: 4 stars

Samuel G. Sterling:

Samuel G. Sterling.jpg

I would like to thank Jolliwood Entertainment  for sending me a hardcopy of this book for an honest review.

For your pleasure, only.

 The plot:

Popo Gigi, graduating from Oxbridge, continues his quest for DNA closure in search of his biological father. A father, who wilfully abandoned his Indian teenage mother—shipping her to London—single, shameful, alone and heavily pregnant.

Popo’s relentless pursuit lands him in Bombay, India, where ‘Indian Fixer’ unmasks his super-patriotic English father … a ‘True-Brit-with-Grit’ in aristocratic guise; crowned ‘Top Bollywood Film Producer’—boasting ‘n’ hosting Kama Sutra masterclasses: smacking his ‘entertaining empire’ into orbit. Latching onto his belligerent, eel-like father exposes Popo to the ‘unsavouries of life’ – suckling Bollywood’s underbelly. Indian Fixer’s untimely death exasperates their animosity: fingers of suspicion all point in one direction.

Popo is saddled with dilemmas galore: antipathetic father; Bollywood-Diva-Stepmother; troubled twin brother; scorned Russian girlfriend, and his multinational ‘drama therapy’ group: now reformed, but still needing supervision. Nothing but nothing, is going to thwart Popo’s lifelong ambition—to lead and stage a Bollywoodesque Romeo and Juliet in London-

Popo Gigi: Shakespeare Goes Bollywood …

My experience:

Meet Popo Gigi. Life is hard for a boy named Popo Gigi. Popo Gigi has a twin brother Ramyou and they grew up without a father. Their caring mother provided for them and they had a humble life. However, Popo never felt truly whole for he reasoned that he will only feel complete when he meets his biological father. Now we go on a journey often dangerous and often so hilarious you are in awe of the pure ridiculousness of the situation. We go on this journey with Popo so that he might one day reunite with Bio-Dad.

The section in my blog where I compare the book in a metaphor or simile:

I will compare this book to a meal. How to describe this dish.

It’s like they took all the ingredients of what makes a good joke and a bad joke and threw it into one book and placed it into the oven. Add my love for anything and everyone that is Indian and you get one happy reader (The reader being me). If this story was written by a different author it’s possible it could have been an absolute disaster. The story truly fell all over the place but it made it that much more charming.

My experience continues

While reading this book it felt like I was getting a workout because of how much I was laughing. There was one chapter that included an airplane, childbirth and it is funnier than anything I have read this year.

This book had me in constant stitches (of laughter only). The dialect in which it was written made it so much more honest and I felt like I was in the middle of India rushing around the people and trying to avoid pigeon blessings.

Image result for pigeon gif

What I did not like

So there were a few chapters where the descriptions of what the spoken words meant were more than the story itself. That made it complicated to keep track of the story and had me often confused about what exactly had just happened. So that was one thing I did not like, the constant explanation of what something meant when I was more interested in the story than the explanation of the lingo.

As much as I enjoyed the book the ending of the book was a bit disappointing. I would split this book into two parts. Part 1 of the book I rate 4 stars. Then the second part of the story I rate 3 stars.

The reason I disliked the ending is it was suddenly written in third person and no more in the first person and it was very confusing for me. I also couldn’t figure out what exactly was happening in the ending.

What I liked

Life is hard for a girl that loves a boy with the name of Popo Gigi. Oh, the romance of Romeo and Juliet was such a sweet treat for my secret romantic heart. I adored their cute encounters. The detail of their relationship wasn’t dominating the story.  It was like a little butterfly that was fluttering in the background barely making its presence known.

I loved the subtlety that was used for the more explicit scenes. There is nothing I like more than hiding the explicit in plain sight.

There is one thing about this book that I truly loved and that was the geniality of it all. It was written so open and truthfully. I felt myself developing a deep protective bond for the book.


I recommend this book to those who love chaotic shoulder shaking stomach howling laughter. That is essentially what you will get. Constant laughter with no idea exactly what you are finding so hilarious, but going with it anyway because why question a good thing.


After writing this review I realise I have no choice but to give this book the 4 stars I was going to withhold. Because this book made me laugh and made me smile and I won’t forget it.

Four OK Snowflakes