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Prelude to Mayhem (Mayhem Wave #1) by Edward Aubry



Series: Book 1
Author: Edward Aubry
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press
Pages: 342
Source: Netgalley
Genre: Sci Fi & Fantasy
Rating: 4 stars



On May 30, 2004, the world transformed. Nearly all signs of civilization vanished, leaving in their wake a bizarre landscape of wilderness, advanced technology and magic, and leaving Harrison Cody very much alone. After weeks of surviving in solitude, he hears a voice on the radio, beckoning him to cross a thousand miles of terrifyingly random terrain to meet her, and any other survivors, in Chicago. Eager to find any remnants of humanity, he sets forth, joined by an unexpected—and inhuman—companion.

For Dorothy O’Neill, the end of the world means she will never finish ninth grade. On her own, she builds a home in the ruins of a strip mall, relying on her ingenuity and hard work to maintain some semblance of creature comforts. When another survivor arrives, he brings futuristic technology and stories of monsters he has encountered. Armed with this information, she takes a new interest in exploring her world, but she is not prepared for what awaits her, and the new arrival has brought his own set of problems.

On their separate journeys, Harrison and Dorothy begin to piece together what has happened to their world. Their questions have answers to be found in what remains of Chicago, and from the mysterious voice on the radio offering the hope that civilization can be rebuilt.

My Experience

Welcome to the maze runner meets the gone series. A delightful combination of horror thriller makes it one to watch out for. I hope this book becomes such a hit that it get its own movie, it deserves a movie.

It’s set in a post-apocalyptic scene. The one day everything is fine for Cody and Dorothy, the next they have been stranded alone in a world that regressed to a primitive state of jungles, dinosaurs and technology hundred years before its time.

Image result for city jungle fanart


Their only hope is to follow the voice of a mysterious girl on the radio calling all survivors to meet up in Chicago.


I’m going to use a train to describe this book since it occurs in the story. It was like being on a train that starts moving faster and faster that you have to grab onto something to make sure you don’t lift off the ground and get slammed into a window. Just as the train starts reaching a terrifyingly beautiful speed you are thrown off with an alarming crash.

Image result for metro gif


Don’t be alarmed for you will get back on again in book 2 which I am beyond eager for.


What I liked:

I loved the genre and how I have found a new author that writes similar to Michael Grant.

What I didn’t like:

I don’t like that I have to wait for the next book.

Image result for sad animated gif


A young adult book that I definitely recommend to fans of divergent, The maze runner and the Gone series. It’s a great story with hints of darkness in the background sprinkled with horror.



4 magical snowflakes






I am Snow.

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