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Dream Protocol by Adara Quick


Author: Adara Quick
Publisher: Xpresso Book Tours
Pages: 154
Source: Netgalley
Genre: Sci Fi & Fantasy , Teens & YA
Rating: 3 stars
I was going through unreviewed books and I found this little review on the shelf.

I had this little book on a shelf for an unfair amount of time. All the other books due dates were before this book so it kept getting the shelf treatment. However, even though I was so busy with the other books the little story never left my mind. After reading only a few chapters they were vivid and imprinted in my mind. A silent call to finish the story. And here I am. Finally finished.

My experience:

It was sweet. It was a short novel and a combination of a society forged from a realm where Divergent and Hunger Games meets. A world where 30 years of age is very old and life is lived in different shades of gray. A place where one is only allowed to experience color and taste in your dreams.


It’s like they are stuck in a snowglobe and while you read it you can see the limits and lies forced in the glass to keep the people from looking outside and realizing that there is a life outside. The book made you see the politics and reminded you how easily we humans tend to ignore than to fight against the tide of indifference.

What I liked about this book:

Well, I liked that it is a series and that the story has a lot of space to grow. I am quite keen to read the next book in the series to see where we will go next.

What I didn’t like about this book:

I suppose how old they made someone sound who was only 30 years old.


3 dreamy snowflakes







I am Snow.

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