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Something about an award.


Now. Something you might not know. I love awards.

No, you don’t understand. I fight for them.

Once I helped my friend Willow, the forest elf, plan her birthday party. It was her 216th birthday (It’s a pretty big deal).

It took one whole week, one molting phoenix and I had to catch a rabbit that drank too much troll juice. It was exhausting and the only reason I did it, because one get’s an award if one helps with the planning of the 216th birthday of an elf. (Also for the 500th but that’s at least still a few years away.)

What can I say somewhere in my roots I must have some crow. I like shiny things.


So after I was gathering some ideas in the dream valley, I returned to my cave to see some posts in my mail box. I had two nominations for an award.

I dropped my ideas and hastened inside greedy to learn more.

Now here I am, ready. I asked my friend Nancy to help out. Nancy will be asking me questions I need to answer and write down my exact response. Since I will keep changing my answer if I tried to write it down. Nancy is an owl. She has a very good memory.So I won’t have to repeat myself.  Nancy will be handling the rules and official notes that I tent to skip.

     Where the actual post about awards begin.

Thank you  @bookhuntress for nominating Snow for the Liebster award. She is very exited, happy, picky about the words that I use honored. Make sure to go look at their blog!

11 facts about Snow

I love music. Everyday I will go through every realm and find the latest songs. I listen to music of all languages. I will be bopping my head to some Portuguese rap with no idea what they are saying but I will like it. I will like it fondly.

I have many obsessions. If I like something I obsess over it. For example a person. I will first go and read up where they came from, I will go watch interviews , I will go look at connections net value. I steal strategically collect information from the mermaids.

If people look at life by sitting safely on clouds than I see life as if through a raindrop. I look at it in wonder sometimes fear but always from a different place and always putting myself in the middle of it.

I get distracted very easily. The person who interrupts me the most is myself.

One of my favourite musicians is Zayn.

I am having trouble thinking of 11 facts about Snow. I think one should be enough. Sigh.

Oh! I have one! I love Roald Dahl. I’m planning on doing a full post on this later. My love for Roald Dahl is very deep and very loyal.

I am obsessed with Coca-Cola. I’m still trying to find out a way to get them to stock it here. I have to keep going to the human realm to get the coke but I stock up on like 20 bottles a month.

Almost there I can do this… I write poetry. I have a place where I post this poetry. If you would like to see it I might post it on here. I tend to have deep thoughts I visit many realms my thoughts are peculiar.

Snow likes to talk about herself in third person. Yes, yes I do.

Questions for Snow

1. Why do you read books?

I just never got into reading stars.

2. What is your top 5 favorite books?

Too vague. Are you referring to the human realm , my realm other places where you might call it a book but it has 3 different names for the word book. I suppose I can just say that I have seasons. So I will have a book of the month. A book of the season. A book of the hour. If I were to give you my top 5 you would be here still tomorrow.

3. Give 3 least liked books and why you chose them?

I would.I would. However then I would have to admit I actually read those pieces of recycled troll droppings. Snow would rather not admit that she read those.

4. Do you drink or eat some foods while reading?

*Munches while answering these questions* I always eat and drink.

5. What is your favorite song?

The same answer as number 2. However I will tell you my favourite song of this hour.  Save Tonight by ZAYDE WOLF

6. When did you start your blog?

Technically in 2011. When did I continue the art of huddling in my cave and writing down my thoughts? About the beginning of this year.

7. What is the title of the book you last bought?

Me before you.

8. If you were a character from a book, who would you be?

What are you talking about I am a character from a book. Oh fine, I will be Fawkes from Harry Potter. He is always such a pleasant problematic little phoenix. Unlike the ones I have met.

9. Where do you buy your books?

Bargain Books is my favourite portal.

10. If you have a chance to visit a place in a story you’ve read, where will you go?

Will you be jealous if I told you I have friends that allow me to have such dreams.To truly live in the worlds that I read about…hmmm. I suppose Narnia has impressed me the most.

11. Do you play any sports? If yes, what sport is it?

No. I do not sport.

Snow’s questions for you

  1. Describe yourself using words that start with each letter in your name.
  2. Do you prefer a forest, the mountains or the ocean?
  3. What is more important for you being perceived as kind, intelligent, creative, original , powerful or mysterious?
  4. List a few songs that describes situations that you have been in. Songs that would have been playing in the background if your experiences were trailers.
  5. What have books done for you?
  6. If you could have a character of any book join you for a day in your life who would you choose?
  7. What is the first book you can remember reading.
  8. What is your favourite mythical creature?
  9. Name a song that would go with a book as a book blurb.

If you answer yes, no or one word answers… I will frown upon your answers.

Motivate yourself. Let me read you.

Do you think my questions are too intrusive or can you handle it?

I tag the following people for this award:

The one that hail from Fiction @fictionophile

The kitty from the cat realm @suekooky

The one that is wonderless  @wonderlessreview

If you love my questions (I don’t blame you. Snow thinks of amazing questions.) and you have NOT been tagged by me, feel free to comment your answers or blog a post answering these questions. Tag me I’ll feature the best answers next week. 










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Asking for it by Louise O’Neill

“I am not falling apart. I am being ripped at the seams my insides torn out until I am hollow”

Publisher: Quercus Books
Pages: 368
Source: NetGalley (I also bought it)
Rating: 4

I never know what to say in these moments. When you finish a book that made you change your perception. When you read a book that threw a wrecking ball through your feels. This one did quite a number on me.

Trigger warning:

Sexual assault. Abuse. Self-harm. Harsh terms to describe females. If this upsets you please feel free to look at my other reviews. From this point on I will be discussing sensitive issues.



Emma is beautiful. She knows she is beautiful. Everyone else knows she is beautiful. She deserves all the attention. She deserves to be looked at and she deserves to be desired.

One evening she goes to a party with her friends where she is the center of attention. She looks stunning she is stunning so why can’t she have fun.

She wakes up with no memory of what happened but who needs memories when everything that happened was captured on film. Every explicit picture documented and posted on Facebook?

That couldn’t have happened, though…

That word couldn’t have happened…

Could it?

My Experience:

This is not the kind of book you enjoy. This is the kind of book that you digest and that skims you raw. But it’s the kind of book our society needs to read.

Dive into the mind of a beautiful girl named Emma, with normal issues and maybe some character flaws but at the end a normal 18-year-old. An 18-year-old who wants to find herself in life. Emma ends up going to a party, a party that will ultimately change her life and everyone’s life around her.

The thing that I was wary of from the beginning is how dislikable the main character was. I suspect it was done with a reason. I suspect that it was done so the reader could dislike her. So that when everything starts spinning out of control it plays upon the heart And mind confusing you as to how society usually reacts and how you are supposed to react.

This novel just reinforces that it does not matter how bad the person seemed, how promiscuous they acted or that they were drinking, it doesn’t matter.

No one is asking for it.

The brilliance of what the author does is that throughout the novel you see flashbacks with Emma of what she has done in her life. But you don’t care, because no one deserves what Emma got. No one deserves to look at themselves and only see facebook comments, tweets and, “Pink flesh”.

I don’t think I have to say it since it has been implied throughout my review but this story really hit a nerve with me. It showed me how rape culture is handled in society. How the person who does the act ends up being the victim because the victim is ruining their life. Emma is the victim here. Emma is the one who is now called Easy Emma.  Someone that the society will not call a victim nor pity. Oh no Easy Emma is an attention seeking ____ who had it coming.

There is a quote in the front of the book that is a quote from The Guardian and I think it’s brilliantly put.

So here it is:

Asking for it will make every reader reassess what they feel about rape and the urgent need for the stories about it to be written in a new way’- Gaurdian

What I liked:

I was very impressed with the writing style. The author effortlessly slips into flashbacks back into the present without making  you feel confused.

What I did not like:

I thought the one thing that did not come that naturally in the story was when swearing was involved. It seemed a bit forced in some of the dialogue.


“They are all innocent until proven guilty. But not me. I am a liar until I am proven honest.”

“I like it better when my room is pitch black, when the dark is so thick it swallows me up and I feel as if I could drown in it.”


If you like contemporary Young Adult novels then go ahead you should read this book. But I am warning you dear reader. Prepare you heart for a rough journey and make sure you are up for it because it will leave a bitter taste on the tongue and make you question the society we live in today.Which maybe, is a necessary thing.


I give this book 4 raw snowflakes.








~ Love Snow

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Blame Simon Mayo

“They used to blame black people, refugees, Jews, immigrants, whoever. Then they ran out of people to point fingers at. So now it’s us.”


Title: Blame
Author: Simon Mayo
Publisher: Penguin Random House UK Children’s
Pages: 480
Source: Netgalley
Genre: Juvenal Fiction, Young Adult , Contemporary
Rating: 5


I would just like to say a massive thank you to Penguin Random House UK Children’s 
for providing me with an ARC of this book through NetGalley. 
Your past is your future.

Humans always need a scapegoat. Humans need someone to blame. Welcome to the world where they ran out of people to blame. I mean, there are people to blame but the criminals are either dead or long gone below the grid. So what good is that? Oh wait, what if the criminals they blamed had a family. And they put the blame on them? That could work? Right?

That’s the situation in which Ant finds herself – together with her little brother Mattie and their foster-parents, she’s locked up in a new kind of family prison. None of the inmates are themselves criminals, but wider society wants them to do time for the unpunished ‘heritage’ crimes of their parents.

Tensions are bubbling inside the London prison network Ant and Mattie call home – and when things finally erupt, they realize they’ve got one chance to break out. Everyone wants to see them punished for the sins of their mum and dad, but it’s time for Ant to show the world that they’re not to blame.


Someone has to pay. Someone always has to pay.

*Dramatic music*



My Experience:


 When I read the words prison and kids being in jail for their parent’s crimes. I was sold. I wanted to read the book. No, I needed to read this. I immediately marked it as desperate-to-read on my Goodreads shelf and a request for an ARC was swiftly traveling from my cave. It felt like Christmas had come early when I saw my ARC request had been approved!

This was the first book I read of Simon Mayo. But I had a gut feeling, even before I started digging into the pages, that it would not be my last.

As I finished the first few pages I could feel my hands being cuffed to this book. I was not going to put this book down and it was not going to let me. I was perfectly fine with that.

Meet The Giver, Animal Farm , Hunger Games and whatever you can think of pushed into one orange novel.

You might not be aware of this dear reader, but I love stories with propaganda. The more subtle the brainwash the more excited I become. The angrier I can get with books, the happier I am.

Raging at book politics are one of my favourite hobbies.




Oh, how I loved this book. I salute you Sir Simon. Orange is indeed the new blame. The brainwashing, scapegoating, corruption , justice and revenge.

After this book, you will just want to pick up a pitchfork and a hashtag and cause riots! #notToBlame #goosegirl


‘There are those living among us,’ he said, partly to the camera, partly to the unseen audience, ‘who have come to feel that they are above the law. A culture of impunity has developed whereby they think they can get away with their crimes.’He pauses his lips pressed tightly together.  The audience waited. ‘And they are right – they can get away with it.  At the moment. For now.’


Day 0
We owe you:
1 football
4 hats
5 bus fares
You owe us:


What I liked:

I loved the little bits we get to read written from Mattie’s perspective. It gives you a much better insight into who he is and makes you that more fond of him.

What I did not like:

It’s always so hard to do this when I give a book 5 stars.

Sigh, give me a few minutes.

I suppose the one thing I would have liked more is a bit more about their life before they went to their foster parents. If you have not read this book this passage might seem a bit confusing since I’m going to censor it to keep it spoiler free. I know some details were given in the flashbacks about their real parents and history. But the fact that they had certain ahem “skills” the how they had them was a bit of a mystery to me. A valid reason is given for why they have them. For me, it’s more about the how they acquired them since it goes against their characters  a bit for me? So I would have liked a flashback there. That is one little critique I have.


Fans of Dystopian books such as Divergent, Hunger Games, this one will fit in your shelf nicely.

This is for everybody older than 13, I believe. I would strongly recommend you get this if you love prison break stories and the dystopian genre.


I give this 5 strutting snowflakes.






~Sincerely Snow



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I Wish My Teacher Knew by Kyle Schwartz.

My teaching philosophy is  characterized by the belief that where a student starts does not dictate where they will end up.


Author: Kyle Schwartz
Publisher: Perseus Books Group, Da Capo Press
Pages: 262
Source: NetGalley
Genre:  Parenting & Families, Nonfiction (Adult)
Rating: 4
I received an ARC from Netgalley provided by Perseus Books Group, Da Capo Press 
for an honest review.

What is it about:

“I wish my teacher knew” a sentence that started off as a small exercise in a third-grade class then exploded into a viral sensation that swept classes by storm all over the world. Learn what happened after Kyle Schwartz tweeted the first post-it note #iwishmyteacherknew. This book is a guideline for teaching and the necessities behind teaching. This book explores aspects of what makes it easier for a child to learn and more likely to succeed as a positive member of their community. It reveals statistics from all over America addressing poverty, abuse and divorce. There are also many touching testimonies and experiences included. This is a book for teachers, parents and for every community.

My Experience:

Honestly, I want to go buy a copy for all of my friends studying to become a teacher. It is that good.

I started reading this book casually and like a frog in a pot, it was boiling around me before I knew it. I was entranced. The words are so raw. So honest. I felt it crawl on my skin and aiming arrows at my heart and yes this is a non-fiction book.  The honest scribbles of what a child wants their teacher to know coupled with heartbreaking stories and well-researched statistics made this book such an achievement.

“I had the pleasure of being the third-grade teacher to…”

So many sentences began as the previous quoted sentence. That’s why I enjoyed reading this book so much because the person who wrote it has a genuine passion for teaching. When someone has a passion that is this strong you can’t help but be affected, it warms your heart. I believe passionate people can change the world.

I loved the angle the author had throughout the whole book it was so unbiased and filled with kindness. No judgment. You learn about what influences teaching. What are the external factors that make a student more likely to succeed? This book deals with how to handle sensitive issues in a class from abuse to not having enough money for breakfast.  It can be something as small as requesting a child to help move a chair, that can change their life. I found so many chapters absolutely fascinating. I laughed a few times from children wanting to immediately send someone a goat because that seems like the obvious thing to do to almost crying because of a 1000 origami birds.  I can’t repeat this enough, the author’s passion echoes through each page and vibrates excitedly from each story.

Confession time. I was not the smartest kid when it came to math in school no matter how much I tried I just could not get better at it, but because of encouraging parents and teachers like this author, I was told to find my strengths elsewhere which lead me to write. I was taught to focus on my strengths and I was recognized for that strength and not critiqued for my weakness.

I believe education must be placed above everything. With education, humans can change the world. It has been proven time and time again, and it is proven as I write this review. Somewhere someone is operating on a wounded survivor, saving a life. Somewhere someone is building a new application that will allow us to do something magnificent. All of that is only possible because somewhere they decided they wanted to learn they decided to pay attention and study.

Every extraordinary person started as a child with a teacher. Teachers differ but everyone has someone a mentor or a book that teaches them and their teachings will shape who they will essentially be a person one day. The education system must always strive to improve. In my opinion, if every school implemented the way of teaching that is explored in this book, the world would be a different place.


  • This is a must read for students studying to become teachers.
  • Any teacher who would like to improve or learn something new to attempt in class, this book is for you.

Powerful quotes:

Their words, not mine, reached all corners of the globe, proving that even eight-year-olds possess tremendous reserves of honesty and insight that can make a measurable impact.

My teaching philosophy is  characterized by the belief that where a student starts does not dictate where they will end up.

If a child is courageous enough to open up to me about what they have experienced, I can be brave enough to listen. My strength comes from their strength; my hope comes from their hope.

What I liked:

I guess the one thing I will not forget about this book there was a chapter where a “problem child’s” issues are put on paper. However writing down the core of each issue and each positive quality that can come out of each problem. It resonated with me. The world needs to have this paradigm. Don’t ask what is the problem ask wat is the reason for the problem.

What I did not like:

The word rigorous. Not something I did not like necessarily, in fact, I can now spell rigorous. However, I need to critique something about this book. So I will critique the word rigorous it occurred in many chapters.


I’m giving this book 4 cheery snowflakes.



                                                                                                               / 5



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My Girl by Jack Jordan


Title: My Girl
Author: Jack Jordan
Publisher: JJP
Pages: 135
Source: NetGalley
Genre: Mystery & Thrillers, General Fiction (Adult)
Rating: 3
I received an ARC from Netgalley via JJP for an honest review.

Honestly, what did I just read? I feel disturbed.



Paige Dawson: the mother of a murdered child and wife to a dead man.

She has nothing left to live for… until she finds her husband’s handgun hidden in their house.

Why did Ryan need a gun? What did he know about their daughter’s death?

Desperate for the truth, Paige begins to unearth her husband’s secrets.

But she has no idea who she is up against, or that her life isn’t hers to gamble – she belongs to me.

My Experience:

Well, I would first like to give praise to the book blurb. That is one fantastic book blurb.

You start the story with a mourning widow/mother. She has gone through more horrors than anyone ever should have to go through. She drowns her sorrow in wine and drugs and tries to just survive each day.

This book is not for the sensitive souls. I did not know it would be this disturbing when I initially requested the ARC. It’s a fast read and easy to finish in one setting.

Some forbidden elements are explored in this book.

You get mystery, thriller , horror and utter suspense.

It’s not a bad thriller. I compare this book to the likes of Room. It’s a faster read though and almost too much happens to process.
If you are a writer you might have heard this quote on how to start a novel.

Act One: Get Character Up a Tree.
Act Two: Throw Rocks.
Act Three: Get Character Down.

Basically, this author is really passionate about throwing rocks at his characters.

Here I am in a small boat and I believe I’m on a lake. Oh wait, turns out I am actually in the ocean. Did I forget to mention I’m surrounded by sharks? Oh! Don’t forget the massive storm that just broke out. Wait something good is happening, nope my engine just broke. My food ran out. I see civilization. I’m saved. Yay!

That’s how I experienced the novel. A lot of bad and then boom happy ending, well sorta.


I would only recommend this to ages 18 and up. There are honestly sick scenes there is no other way to explain it. So if that’s your cup of tea then boil the kettle this book is for you.

What I liked:

I like how the book makes you doubt who to believe and whom to trust.

What I did not like:

A few of the scenes seemed very rushed.

There are a few details that do not make sense to me about the story. That might be characters flaws above anything else but it made the book less believable.


I never know how to rate these books. Should I rate it very high because it disturbed me or should I rate it low because it disturbed me?

I think am just going to go with 3?

Yea, 3.





~Sincerely Snow

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What the shelf?

Hello, humans, dragons, elves, and all folk that I do not have time to list but still love. Today is a glorious day. As I was sitting in a tree listening to the laughter of a stream below, I thought to myself: “Snow we should give the world a glimpse of all the books that we have recently acquired” So that is what I am doing today.

I Snow, am quite proud of the collection I have built up. It took many wandering journeys and I had to fight with a wizard to open a portal for me. It was worth it.

It was glorious, dear reader. The bargains I found! I searched through every nook and cranny, for those trolls like to hide the books where one can not find them. A troll is no match for Snow, however. I also received some of these books as gifts or I received some magic paper that grants free books (Book vouchers).

Here are the books I have bought this year. Some I have read some I have not. Some of these already have reviews, that will be posted soon.








This one I received yesterday from a piece of paper that grants free books.

(I refused to buy the book with a cinematic cover so they had to order a different edition for me. Cinematic covers for who? Not Snow.)




I hope you had fun reading this. I am off now, talk soon!


~ Sincerely Snow