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INTERVIEW: The Delphi effect by Rysa Walker


If you have not read my review of The Delphi Effect have no fear because the link is here.

Click to read my review of The Delphi Effect.

Now that that’s over let’s jump right in. Ladies and gentleman , Fawkes and unicorns please welcome the author of The Delphi Effect, Rysa Walker!



Interview with Rysa Walker

Rysa Walker: Hi, Snow! First, thanks so much for inviting me to chat on your blog. I love interacting with readers :)

Happy to have you here! Let’s jump right into it.

1.       What is your favourite Young adult novel righdarkness savage.jpgt now?

Aside from my all-time favorite books that I’ve loved forever, like the Harry Potter series, my favorite book is usually the one I’m reading now. Currently, that book is Darkness Savage, the last installment in the wonderful Dark Cycle by Rachel A. Marks.  Readers who enjoy urban fantasy should definitely check this series out. I’m almost finished and loving the way the story wraps up. I was lucky to get a sneak peek, since the book releases on October 11th, the very same day as The Delphi Effect.  

2. What inspired the story?

I started writing The Delphi Effect back in spring of 2013, but then my debut book, Timebound, won the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award in June of that year. My new publisher, Skyscape, wanted the sequels ASAP, so I shelved Delphi for a while to focus on finishing up the CHRONOS books.

The book itself was strongly inspired by music.  My kids and I had a playlist that we always put on in the mornings on our ungodly-early drive to school.  I was on the way back from dropping them off when two songs came on back to back.  One was “42,” from my youngest son’s then-favorite album by Coldplay.  The other was “Oh, Lately It’s So Quiet,” by a group that my oldest son introduced me to a few years back, OK Go.  Both songs are about being haunted, but in very different ways.  Later that day, I sat down and wrote the first chapter of The Delphi Effect. And while I was writing it, Tegan & Sara’s 30439157“Walking with a Ghost” came on my Pandora station.

3.       Who is your inspiration?

I’m not sure that Iinspire.png could really pick just one.  Some of the people who inspire me are people I don’t even know personally, like the Dalai Lama and people who work to protect human rights like Malala Yousafzai and Myanmar leader, Aung San Suu Kyi.  I’m also inspired by people who struggle every day to work and raise their families, often as single parents. I’ve been there and I know it’s not easy.  If you’re talking literary inspiration, however, I’d have to say writers like Stephen King and Margaret Atwood rank near the top of the list.

4. What helps you to stay loyal to your characters?

I don’t have a choice.  If I fail to stay loyal to them, they stop talking to me, and then I’m in big, big trouble. I’m a little like Anna in that many of my characters are voices in my head.  I don’t plot things out so much as put those characters into the situation and see what happens.  If I try to make my characters do something that’s not organic, that doesn’t come naturally, they will go (and actually have gone) on strike. I then have to backtrack to the point where I got too bossy and rip it all
out. Then I feed them lots of chocolate as an apology and promise not be such a dictator in the future. 🙂


5.       Which character’s voice was the hardest for you to write?

In terms of getting the voice right, Taylor was the hardest.  It was difficult to walk that fine line between her bblock.pngeing justifiably angry about the past few years and being such a whiny brat that readers couldn’t empathize with her position and would just want to smack her. 😉

But I also struggled a bit in terms of getting Anna’s voices right, strictly from a writing perspective.

There’s a lot going on in Anna’s head, especially by the end of the book, and finding a way to convey that to the readers without constantly saying “Molly thought,” “Jaden thought,” etc., was a bit of a challenge.


Thanks for your time!

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