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It is I, Snow.

Good morrow fair people of the internet.

It is not that I have disappeared nor the lack of reading that hinders me from posting reviews.

It is something far more drastic than that. I suffer from procrastination.


true story.gif



Even though the review is typed out and all that has to be done is a simple copy and paste, into the portal that is this website. I find myself wandering into different realms, such as YouTube the land of never return.


Twitter the land of never satisfied.


Tumblr the land of the lost wonderland.



However, after all my travels I have come back yet again. With many stories, maybe even more stories, than you might care to listen to. I ask that you stay with me as I prove to you I am worthy of your attention. That the stories I tell are ones you have not heard before. Prepare yourselves for Snow is on a mission.

I will post one post a week even if it’s me posting about the lack of a post. My flame for reviewing has been reignited. Join me in my travels.

Sincerely Snow



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