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When you realise you don’t have a book review.

When you realise it’s Wednesday and you don’t have a review for a book.


However, then you are Snow and you realize you have a comic review!


So  this is going to be in a very random format. No rules. No boundaries. Let’s do this.

How did I get my hands on this comic?

Simple. I requested it on Edelweiss and typed out please 50 times. I think my message looked something like this:

“Please , please , please , please , please , please , please , please. I need this. Today is my birthday [It actually was. Don’t judge me.] can I please read this. When I was a child all the girls around me played doll or other games. I was pretending to be a ninja turtle with my brothers yelling kalabunga.”

Now dragons , elves ,trolls , humans , cats and other beings. It is time to reveal.

What made me this desperate to read?

Enthusiastic Drumrole.


The comic was:


Name : Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Vol. 1

Author : James Tynion

Pages: 176 beautiful pages.

TMNT meets Batman!?!?!?!?!??!?!

Honestly, who does not get excited about this.

The phases I went through:

  1. 1. This is not real life this is not real.


2. I am reading about the turtles and batman. I’m reading about the turtles and batman. NOBODY PANICK. NOBODY PANICK!!!!!!!!


3. This is so perfect how will I ever get over this.


My actual review:

Oh my crud.

I loved every single frame and every single second while this lasted.

I will quote Don to express how I feel about this comic.

“Is this what love feels like because I think this is what love feels like.” – Donatello

This was just perfection. There was suspense, twists, and character development. I never thought that I would see the day that Raph cared so much about somebody other than his family(Baphael for life). The fanboy Mikey was around batman is the fangirl I was throughout the duration this comic lasted(Maybe an hour). I will be looking out to buy this comic I need to have this on my shelf and show every single person even those who do not like comics.
Baphael bromance merchandise needs to be made now.

This was like swimming in nostalgia and like reuniting with old friends. It was perfect. It felt right. It felt like I was home.

5 Snowflakes. Obviously.

*  * * * *



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Alice in Wonderland – Special Collector’s Manga


Author: Jun Abe

Publisher: Diamond Book Distributors

Pages: 96

Source: NetGalley

Genre: Comics & Graphic Novels

Rating: 3

If you read my reviews you will notice an odd difference with this one. It might seem as if I was speaking ever so posh or formal during this review. It is because I just finished this lovely manga and whenever I read something that has a classy or posh written style, I acquire that style of speaking myself, for a while…

My love for wonderland and anything slightly wonderland related is quite serious and contagious. So read this review at your own risk.

When I saw this lovely manga winking at me on the shelves of NetGalley I had to take a closer look.

What is it about:

Manga publishing pioneer TOKYOPOP is back … bringing readers Disney Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland,” a retelling of the film in manga style, as buzz builds for the “Alice Through the Looking Glass” May film release. Hardcover collectible with exclusive bonus features and illustrations from renowned artist Jun Abe! Alice Kingsleigh was a young girl when she visited the magical world of Underland for the first time. Now a teenager, she spots a white rabbit at a garden party and tumbles down a hole after him where she is reunited with her old friends. Alice soon learns it is her destiny to end the Red Queen’s reign of terror.

My experience:

It is, as it is stated, based on the first half of Tim Burton’s movie of Alice and Wonderland.

It was a fun quick read since the illustrations are vibrant and familiar. It is based on the style of the movie but at the same time, it pays tribute to the older illustrations of the classic Alice and Wonderland novels. It was also filled with classic Manga expressions which made the characters much more comical and expressive than in the movie.

My favourite drawings were of Chessur Cat. Obviously.


The white rabbit with the waistcoat was drawn more cuddly and cute. I thought he was just lovely.  I also loved this Manga’s version of Hatter. He had a more glum look that I thought suited him perfectly and almost an element of Dr. Seuss in his eyes.  The white queen was beautiful and she was drawn very petite and pretty.

I am someone who is able to quote Alice and Wonderland so I could immediately spot when a new sentence was entered into the manga but it fitted nicely and I enjoyed the changes made.

What I liked:

There was this one scene where Hatter is just sitting on his head with his legs crossed.  I loved it. How fun would it not be to just be able to randomly go and sit on your head and look at others as if they are the ones that are upside down.

I find the thought quite amusing.

What I did not like:

I did not like that it was only the first half. I thought it was one manga based on the whole movie.



All Tim Burton fans and readers who want to move to wonderland this one is for you. An easy light read that gives you a new experience of Wonderland with all the glory of the film.


This manga is getting 3 fluttering snowflakes.



                                                                    / 5




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Manga Classics: The Scarlet Letter by Crystal S. Chan , Stacy King , Sunneko Lee

I received an ARC of Manga Classics: The Scarlet Letter from NetGalley provided by Udon Entertainment for an honest book review.




Adapted by : Crystal S. Chan

Artist : Sunneko Lee

Dialogue editor: Stacy King

“The Scarlet Letter”

The Plot:

This is a novel based on the infamous classic The Scarlet Letter.

In the puritan community of the seventeenth-century Boston was ruled by religious laws. Anybody who was found guilty of sin was executed or exiled from the community. In walks Hester Prynne who just gave birth to a beautiful baby. The problem? The father is not Hester’s husband. The consequences of this adulterous act result in Hester to be branded with the letter A on her chest. From an unknown lover to a very outraged husband, this story is a classic that has been retold for years.

My Experience:

This was the first novel I have read that was redone in manga style.

I devoured it and I’m hungrily searching for more.

Even though I have not read the actual piece of literature, I was immediately sucked in by the story. The story was told in vivid pictures evoking sympathy outrage and empathy for Hester.

I was absolutely enthralled by the manga style. This is probably because of my love for anime but I obsessed over every single block with Hester. On some of the pages, I was lightly struck by a picture and it would trickle through my veins and leave me frozen in an ice block of roaring emotions.


Religion VS God

Love VS Hate


What I Liked:

I loved the illustrations. I can not emphasize how much I related to the drawings. I did not need the book to tell me how the characters felt because it was reflected in their eyes screaming from their entire being.

What I did not like:

There were a few times that a set of frames were missing that was needed for the transition of emotions. Since sometimes there was an immediate transition which made it a bit confusing to understand/relate to the scene completely.

Rating for this manga novel:

As this is my first rating for a manga novel I am giving this a 3/5.

*  *  */ 5

A really good book with fantastic illustrations but I do feel some of the strings to attach the story were missing. Especially the story of the scorned husband.


I would recommend that (unlike me) to first read the actual book so you can appreciate the manga more and have a bit more background about the characters.

I recommend this book for anybody who has been intimidated by The Scarlet letter and other classics before but that always wanted to read it.



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