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My Girl by Jack Jordan


Title: My Girl
Author: Jack Jordan
Publisher: JJP
Pages: 135
Source: NetGalley
Genre: Mystery & Thrillers, General Fiction (Adult)
Rating: 3
I received an ARC from Netgalley via JJP for an honest review.

Honestly, what did I just read? I feel disturbed.



Paige Dawson: the mother of a murdered child and wife to a dead man.

She has nothing left to live for… until she finds her husband’s handgun hidden in their house.

Why did Ryan need a gun? What did he know about their daughter’s death?

Desperate for the truth, Paige begins to unearth her husband’s secrets.

But she has no idea who she is up against, or that her life isn’t hers to gamble – she belongs to me.

My Experience:

Well, I would first like to give praise to the book blurb. That is one fantastic book blurb.

You start the story with a mourning widow/mother. She has gone through more horrors than anyone ever should have to go through. She drowns her sorrow in wine and drugs and tries to just survive each day.

This book is not for the sensitive souls. I did not know it would be this disturbing when I initially requested the ARC. It’s a fast read and easy to finish in one setting.

Some forbidden elements are explored in this book.

You get mystery, thriller , horror and utter suspense.

It’s not a bad thriller. I compare this book to the likes of Room. It’s a faster read though and almost too much happens to process.
If you are a writer you might have heard this quote on how to start a novel.

Act One: Get Character Up a Tree.
Act Two: Throw Rocks.
Act Three: Get Character Down.

Basically, this author is really passionate about throwing rocks at his characters.

Here I am in a small boat and I believe I’m on a lake. Oh wait, turns out I am actually in the ocean. Did I forget to mention I’m surrounded by sharks? Oh! Don’t forget the massive storm that just broke out. Wait something good is happening, nope my engine just broke. My food ran out. I see civilization. I’m saved. Yay!

That’s how I experienced the novel. A lot of bad and then boom happy ending, well sorta.


I would only recommend this to ages 18 and up. There are honestly sick scenes there is no other way to explain it. So if that’s your cup of tea then boil the kettle this book is for you.

What I liked:

I like how the book makes you doubt who to believe and whom to trust.

What I did not like:

A few of the scenes seemed very rushed.

There are a few details that do not make sense to me about the story. That might be characters flaws above anything else but it made the book less believable.


I never know how to rate these books. Should I rate it very high because it disturbed me or should I rate it low because it disturbed me?

I think am just going to go with 3?

Yea, 3.





~Sincerely Snow

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What the shelf?

Hello, humans, dragons, elves, and all folk that I do not have time to list but still love. Today is a glorious day. As I was sitting in a tree listening to the laughter of a stream below, I thought to myself: “Snow we should give the world a glimpse of all the books that we have recently acquired” So that is what I am doing today.

I Snow, am quite proud of the collection I have built up. It took many wandering journeys and I had to fight with a wizard to open a portal for me. It was worth it.

It was glorious, dear reader. The bargains I found! I searched through every nook and cranny, for those trolls like to hide the books where one can not find them. A troll is no match for Snow, however. I also received some of these books as gifts or I received some magic paper that grants free books (Book vouchers).

Here are the books I have bought this year. Some I have read some I have not. Some of these already have reviews, that will be posted soon.








This one I received yesterday from a piece of paper that grants free books.

(I refused to buy the book with a cinematic cover so they had to order a different edition for me. Cinematic covers for who? Not Snow.)




I hope you had fun reading this. I am off now, talk soon!


~ Sincerely Snow



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Yes I know, I’m late.

I know.

I know.

There was a bear and my cave was infiltrated. An elf took me out on a mission to recover some groceries from the frozen mall.

I had some scrolls that were due and time decided to change the numbers around so here I am with empty hands.


This was me realizing it’s Wednesday and I don’t have a review.


You see the problem is, I have so many books on my shelf right now, I’m reading all of them at once. Which means instead of reading one, finishing it and writing a review I’m in the middle of all of them.

However have no fear my snow-folk. Dragons, elves, women and men. Soon you will get reviews from me. Not just one but two! I don’t want to give specific dates here because as you can see my planning is not the best at this point in time. You never know if a bear is going to come into my cave and trap me or some bat comes and steal my lamp. I Snow, have many challenges and distractions in this land of procrastination.

I know you are probably going like this :




Don’t do it. Snow will be back soon with more reviews and maybe some interviews. You never know.

Have faith in the Snow.

I appreciate all of my readers. Comment any books that I should check out that you have enjoyed recently. Don’t be shy talk to me.

I won’t give you frostbite.


~ Sincerely Snow






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The bullying of Natalie Cordova by Kennon Keith.


Author: Kennon Keith
Publisher: Smith Publicity
Pages: 217
Source: NetGalley
Genre:  General Fiction (Adult), Teens & YA
Rating: 1.5
 The thing that attracted me to this book was the plot. The victim snaps and becomes the bully? Keep talking…

The plot:

“Hell hath no fury……” Natalie Cordova is a victim. Bullied and belittled by classmates and family alike, she is an outcast. Her life has been a nightmare from kindergarten through her senior year of high school. Having no friends to call her own, nor able to seek comfort in her family, she accepts her place in life; to live and die alone. Dreams mean nothing to her…until she has one; and within that one dream, she finds her strength. She will no longer merely deal with her fear, she will use it. As fear turns to anger, anger gives way to rage, and rage burns into hate; her way forward is clear. In order to end her suffering, she must end those who caused it. “This is the end. The end of my pain, the end of my torment, and the end of my past. A past I did not want, but had forced upon me. Your hatred, abuse, and treatment of me, led me to this. And while I will burn in hell for this, it was well worth it.” Natalie Cordova

My experience:

I like reading books to see what makes a person snap. What makes the weight of that what they have endured thus far finally become unbearable?

 The story follows a beautiful girl called Natalie Cordova. A girl who has been treated badly all her life, by friends and family. She gets pushed to a point where she snaps. Meaning she will now be a serial killer and bring havoc in the lives of those who made her life hell. Not in a subtle, pretty little liars blackmail way. In a Scream film with blood dripping from a knife kind of way.

This is a book that was written to play on your mind and morals. Do you cheer for Natalie or do you sympathize with the victims?

 At first, the book did just that but then… it took a dreadful turn.



 I will compare my experience of this book to eating an ice cream.It is winter yet you find yourself eating a delicious ice cream. It makes you feel very cold and shiver and in reality you rather want some hot chocolate but this ice cream just tastes too good.  Then the climate changes around you and it’s become a warm summer day you can now enjoy this delicious ice cream in the right weather. However, something is not tasting right anymore the ice cream has started to melt and your hands are sticky. You would rather not finish the ice cream anymore since it no longer tastes good and it has just become a mess. Yet, you have already come this far so you finish it for the sake of finishing it. This is how the plot went, it went from a fairly well constructed depressing young adult story to a bad can’t-decide-whether-it-wants-to-be-a-horror-or-thriller adult fiction novel.

I started to get confused between the characters. Who was who and who did what.

Natalie’s personality and character completely unraveled and there was no more line for her character. I could no longer see her she became a phantom that just killed with no emotion behind it.

Then the story just became unnecessarily brutal. It took a sick turn that I felt was overdone. It was as if the author was waiting to unleash the cruelty of their pen. It was like setting off a nuclear bomb to get rid of a tiny garden shed. Instead of using a hammer or a storm to destroy the shed the entire country the shed is in has to be blown-up.

What I liked:

Honestly very little. There was very little to enjoy. There was no character I thought that stood out. There was no particular scene that held any specialty except the gruesome brutality that I have already mentioned. If I must force myself to say something good I suppose the concept was a good one. Had this been implemented a bit more subtly it could have been a brilliant novel.

What I did not like:

Above all the facts I have already mentioned…

I disliked how the race of the characters was only first revealed when it had something to do with the plot. It might have been mentioned that 2 characters were black in the beginning of the book and I missed it but it was only brought up again much later when Natalie would use that to her advantage. I also really despised the scene that was written in those paragraphs. I feel it was so unnecessary.

I also disliked the writing style. It was written in the third person and it would so often jump into the minds of any character that walked past it would get quite confusing.


I will recommend this book to someone who likes novels with pointless killing and over the top violence.

This book is not young-adult and because of very intensely written scenes, I would even go as far as to say 18+ only should read this book.

My rating:

I want to give it one star but I am begrudgingly giving it another half because of the beginning of the story. It was set up well and had the potential for a great thriller.


                      / 5

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Do not fear for Snow is near.

I have been attacked by the elemental forces of my realm.

So I will only be able to post a review a bit later this week.

Do not worry for I will not be overcome by the wind and the rain. I will prevail and if necessary bring a stained crumbled up review for my people but it will come and here it shall be presented.

Here are the books on my shelf that you can look forward to for a review.

Alas, a bear appears(A test I’m writing tomorrow) I have to retreat to my cave.

Books I am currently reading:

Farewell, I will be back soon.
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Gone by Michael Grant

This book is fantastically original and brilliant it has the approval of Mr. Stephen King himself.



 Gone by Michael Grant



So imagine you are sitting in class.

Some boring teacher is droning on about some war or is busy telling a hit-your-head-against-the-desk-because-it-is-such-a-lame joke. Then…


The teacher is gone. At first, you wipe the drool of your face because you were just starting to fall asleep. You look around and all the children in the class look just as dazed and confused as you. Where is prof… what’s his face?

This is what Sam Temple experiences in the first few pages of this book. In the beginning *poof* is an amusing joke everyone makes but then what do you do when you realize every person that is older than you is gone…

This book is brilliant.


I guess you can call this a modern version of Lord of the Flies. What happens when there are no rules and children can do what they want? What happens when children start doing  the strange and the impossible ?

Somebody gets hurt that’s what happens.

Recommendations :

I don’t recommend this book for all ages… This book contains scenes of cruelty and violence and it exploits the true evil nature that hides in humans.

I would definitely not recommend staying up until 3 am in the morning to finish reading this book because you will (like I did) jump at every shadow for another hour before falling asleep. If you did this try keeping on the light it helps!

Themes :

Good VS Evil

Freedom VS Captivity

Order VS Chaos

Self-preservation VS moral values

Young love

Rate :

**** 5 stars 😀


I recently read the rest of the series. Plague was by far the most terrifying disturbing traumatizing book I have ever read and I loved every letter of it.

The series as a whole is also a 5. It is a marvelous series by Michael Grant and I will never forget the FAYZ and the 3000 pages we traveled together.



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