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Weregirl by C.D. Bell

There was this element of majesty and danger that surrounded the story like an eery shadow. I couldn’t get enough of it.

Title: Weregirl
Author: C.D. Bell
Publisher: Chooseco
Pages: 400
Source: NetGalley
Genre: Children’s Fiction, Teens & YA
Rating: 4 stars

Let’s go through the checklist.

Good plot. Check.

Good character. Check..

Excellent story development. Check.

Beautiful metaphors or style of writing. Check.

Love story. Check.

Should you read it? Check!


Eager to escape her small hometown, high school junior Nessa Kurland is focused on winning a college scholarship for cross-country running. A chance encounter with a trapped wolf while out on a run leads to powerful and frightening changes, and one day, Nessa is transformed into a full werewolf. Now Nessa must navigate the challenges of high school while coming face to face with true human darkness, as she tries to make peace with her new wild nature

My experience

Enter Nessa.

Nessa runs, runs and oh yea, runs. Her dream is to go to college. Her ticket of getting there depends on if she can run fast enough. Nessa is trying to get a scholarship for cross-country running. However, one night when she is running in the woods something goes terribly wrong something that will alter her life forever.

*dramatic music*


Reading this book was like watching the rain fall on a lazy day. Absolute bliss.

I love books with wolfs. Always have probably always will. This book stands tall on my “favourite-young-adult-werewolf-books” shelf.


This book is just cool. It’s like that kid that just moved from a different city. Their dad is a rockstar and their mom is a supermodel they wear the latest fashion trend they are friendly and just cool. You want to read the book and get to know the new kid. You try and not seem too eager but let’s get real you want to be best friends and you already ordered the “We are best friends” t-shirts.

One of the ways how I measure whether I enjoyed the story is if I remember the time it took to finish it. If I don’t remember it taking long you can bet I enjoyed the story very much. This book was 400 pages and I am shocked because to me it felt like a 100.

Snow thoroughly enjoyed this book.


What I liked:

I loved the story. It was a really good story. Something you could really get into and the characters was very real.  It was easy to get to know them and it kept you on edge. There was this element of majesty and danger that surrounded the story like an eery shadow. I couldn’t get enough of it.

What I did not like:

Okay, wait. This is not a flaw in the book on the contrary. But it is something I didn’t like. The ending was a bit brutal. That’s all I can say. It fit the story perfectly. You don’t have to like an ending to love it. Which is confusing but sounds profound so I’m sticking with it.


4 howling snowflakes



I am Snow.

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