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And Then the Sky Exploded by David A. Poulsen


Publisher: Dundurn
Pages: 208
Source: NetGalley
Genre: Children’s Fiction, Teens & YA
Rating: 4 stars


When Christian learns his great-grandfather helped build the A-bombs dropped on Japan, he wants to make amends somehow.

While attending the funeral of his great-grandfather, ninth-grader Christian Larkin learns that the man he loved and respected was a member of the Manhattan Project, the team that designed and created the atomic bombs dropped on Japan during the Second World War.

On a school trip to Japan, Chris meets eighty-one-year-old Yuko, who was eleven when the first bomb exploded over Hiroshima, horribly injuring her. Christian is determined to do something to make up for what his great-grandfather did. But after all this time, what can one teenager really do? His friends tell him it s a stupid idea, that there s nothing he can do. And maybe they re right.

But maybe, just maybe they re wrong.”

My Experience:


A young man finds out that his hero, his grandfather, might not have been the person he thought he was. This needs some investigation. He will not rest until he has done something to wrong the damage of the past. He might just be one person and might not be able to do anything but if there is something he can do, he will do it. Even if it means going to Japan.

This book surprised me. I wasn’t sure what I was going to get or if it would be able to keep my attention but it exceeded my expectations.

The story is cuddly. It runs smoothly like you are on a sailboat, drifting through the pages.


Honestly, I think I developed a little crush on this book. I just keep thinking how sweet and nice it was. The book was not pushy but not distant it was engaged and focused. It was just nice. I want to go on another date. It was memorable and honestly just delightful.


A delightful read.





Quotes I enjoyed:

It’s almost like the words on the pages are wanting people not just to see the words but to hear them, feel them, smell them.


Your people did bad things. My people did bad things. It does not mean they are all bad people.  War is war. And war makes people be something it is not intended they should be.

What I liked:

Everything. The characters were so lovely. They were thought out well and the character development was clear and steady. It was just such a stable read with excitement sewn into the right places.

What I did not like:

It’s not that I didn’t like it but it’s something I would have preferred. There are some sentences directly translated to English from Japanese. I would have preferred the Japanese words first and then translated into English especially in the flashback of what happened in Japan.



4 delightful snowflakes


Sincerely Snow



I am Snow.

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