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Now before you yell at me…

Snow: Now before you yell at me…

giphy (11).gif

Reader: Why would I be yelling at you.


Snow:  Wait you didn’t notice?

Reader: Notice what?

Snow: Okay well then let’s continue! So rec..

Reader: Oh you mean the fact that you have not posted anything in 3 weeks.


Snow:  … aah so you did notice.


giphy (6).gif

Snow: What are you doing?

Reader: Don’t ask questions!

Snow: Okay I’m sorry I ..


giphy (10).gif


giphy (9).gif


You left me alone:

 giphy (2).gif



Reader and Snow:

giphy (12).gif

So the reason why I have not been posting is because well, I’ve been reading.

No seriously. I kinda overbooked myself for October. I have 9 books due this month. I am at 4 /9.

I will not give up. I will get this done. So you have many reviews that will come soon I just need to get through the books.

While also ruling a network for a group of trolls. Trolls are not the easiest creatures to work on a network let me tell you. Sure they are smart and they know where to go or what to do. They just won’t tell you cause it’s more fun to make you think they don’t know.

Anyway that’s the only time I had to break away. I will see you soon readers of the human realm and others. Snow will prevail. Don’t you fear.

Snow will prevail. Don’t you fear.




I am Snow.

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