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ARC Review : The Widower’s Wife by Cate Holahan

So you know how life sometimes just grabs you and you don’t finish a book. No matter how hard you try it you can’t get to the ending?


Well this time that was not me!


28256372.jpgTitle: The Widower’s Wife
Author: Cate Holahan
Publisher: Crooked Lane Books
Pages: 304
Source: Netgalley
Genre: Adult Fiction, Contemporary , Women’s Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers
Rating: 3


Ana Bacon, a young housewife, tumbles off a cruise ship into the dark and deadly waters, but did she take her secrets with her?

Investigator Ryan Monahan is a numbers man. So when his company sends him the Bacon case, which could net a ten million dollar payout, Monahan doubts that her death is just a tragic accident. But the husband has a substantial alibi and a number of witnesses claim to have seen Ana fall. So the official ruling seems to be substantiated.

Still, the more Monahan uncovers about Ana’s life, the more he realizes how many people would kill to keep her secrets hidden. And the closer he gets to the truth, the greater the odds grow that he, too, will take a fatal fall.

Cate Holahan looks at the dark underbelly of a marriage from the perspectives of the detective and the victim in her tense and enthralling page-turner, The Widower’s Wife.

It took me 3 weeks to finish this book and it became a challenge. I would not give up, no matter what. I made this decision.

We fought we lied we sneak we climbed we did what we had to, to survive. But finished we did.

My Experience:

You are seated in a Gone Girl type narration. That person’s turn then the other person’s turn. Which side are you on? Decide!

A retired FBI agent now an insurance policy investigator (much more exciting than it sounds) is called in for a case. A wife and mother Ana fell overboard while on a cruise ship. Apparently, people don’t just fall from cruise ships, though. The odds of it is astronomical and our investigator here is all about the odds being fair.

My usual metaphor (I do this almost with each review so now it has become a label) :

It starts off a bit uncertain. Kind of like a new kid arriving at high school and you are not sure what group this kid will fall in. Will I like them, will they annoy me, will they make my heart beat, are they part dragon, will they like my phoenix feather collection, you know normal questions. Then a bit of time goes by and you learn where they fit in. Nobody is being bullied. No mean girls are picking on them no vampires are trying to eat them whilst pretending to be dating them. So you kind of just go oh, okay. However initially you started  to talk to the person so now you have a relationship and you feel obligated to finish the conversation.

What I liked:

I liked how it was subtle and kept you guessing until the end. You didn’t know where you were standing with the book.

What I did not like:

There was potential for more. I feel like the story could have gone deeper and more cut through. There was still a lot of development left to happen. I feel like the investigator stays the same throughout the story he ponders a lot and he makes good points. Drama happens around him left and right that should lead to some big character development but it doesn’t.

I didn’t like the lack of conclusions throughout the story.


*  * *

3 snowflakes.




I am Snow.

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