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The Reflections of Queen Snow White by David Meredith


Title: The Reflections of Queen Snow White
Author: David Meredith
Publisher: David Meredith
Pages: 155
Source: Author
Genre: Young Adult
Rating: 3.5

The plot:

Snow White has become old and her hair is gray. She is now queen and her own daughter is ready to be married soon. Snow White has fallen into a deep darkness and she can not see the light not even when she hears the birds singing joyfully for the upcoming wedding.

Snow White comes across a mirror, an old mirror that her stepmother used to be quite obsessed with.

Snow White will have to face her truest reflection and journey through what she never wanted to admit nor face if she ever wishes to find peace again.

My experience:

I love fairytales. In all shapes, sizes, and forms.

When a fairytale is being used as a foundation for a new story it needs to show me something I have not seen before. It needs to add a twist but still pay tribute and respect to the original fairytale.

I loved how the author kept to the character that is Snow White. Her features were highlighted throughout the novel and it showed how you expected the original Snow White to have aged after all these years.

I was ready to be extremely critical and nitpicky when I started reading it. But after the first few paragraphs, I was won over by the poetic magical way of writing and I just wanted to cuddle up with my blanket and read.

It is a steady pace and the flow is natural. I liked how you were in the present but at the same time had the chance to see flashbacks and look back into Snow White’s life and experience it with her. It gives the book a unique edge to have the character experience the story as the reader is experiencing it.

What I liked:

I loved the way the buildings were described, nature and animals. It felt peaceful to read about it. The first paragraph with the two birds flying made quite the impact on me. It was beautiful.

What I did not like:

I felt that the night of Snow and Charming’s wedding was an uncharacteristic attribute of the book. The chapter felt a bit forced and uncomfortable next to the others. For this style and the story that had been told so far, I would have preferred a more subtle description of the events that occurred on their wedding night. That’s why I penalized the overall rating.


I could not even dream because every one of them was a nightmare. In everyone, she was waiting for me!


This book is for the fairytale lover such as myself. It is also a lovely romance and story. Some sexual scenes and dark themes.


3 and a half snowflakes that lived happily ever after.

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I am Snow.

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