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Something about an award.


Now. Something you might not know. I love awards.

No, you don’t understand. I fight for them.

Once I helped my friend Willow, the forest elf, plan her birthday party. It was her 216th birthday (It’s a pretty big deal).

It took one whole week, one molting phoenix and I had to catch a rabbit that drank too much troll juice. It was exhausting and the only reason I did it, because one get’s an award if one helps with the planning of the 216th birthday of an elf. (Also for the 500th but that’s at least still a few years away.)

What can I say somewhere in my roots I must have some crow. I like shiny things.


So after I was gathering some ideas in the dream valley, I returned to my cave to see some posts in my mail box. I had two nominations for an award.

I dropped my ideas and hastened inside greedy to learn more.

Now here I am, ready. I asked my friend Nancy to help out. Nancy will be asking me questions I need to answer and write down my exact response. Since I will keep changing my answer if I tried to write it down. Nancy is an owl. She has a very good memory.So I won’t have to repeat myself.  Nancy will be handling the rules and official notes that I tent to skip.

     Where the actual post about awards begin.

Thank you  @bookhuntress for nominating Snow for the Liebster award. She is very exited, happy, picky about the words that I use honored. Make sure to go look at their blog!

11 facts about Snow

I love music. Everyday I will go through every realm and find the latest songs. I listen to music of all languages. I will be bopping my head to some Portuguese rap with no idea what they are saying but I will like it. I will like it fondly.

I have many obsessions. If I like something I obsess over it. For example a person. I will first go and read up where they came from, I will go watch interviews , I will go look at connections net value. I steal strategically collect information from the mermaids.

If people look at life by sitting safely on clouds than I see life as if through a raindrop. I look at it in wonder sometimes fear but always from a different place and always putting myself in the middle of it.

I get distracted very easily. The person who interrupts me the most is myself.

One of my favourite musicians is Zayn.

I am having trouble thinking of 11 facts about Snow. I think one should be enough. Sigh.

Oh! I have one! I love Roald Dahl. I’m planning on doing a full post on this later. My love for Roald Dahl is very deep and very loyal.

I am obsessed with Coca-Cola. I’m still trying to find out a way to get them to stock it here. I have to keep going to the human realm to get the coke but I stock up on like 20 bottles a month.

Almost there I can do this… I write poetry. I have a place where I post this poetry. If you would like to see it I might post it on here. I tend to have deep thoughts I visit many realms my thoughts are peculiar.

Snow likes to talk about herself in third person. Yes, yes I do.

Questions for Snow

1. Why do you read books?

I just never got into reading stars.

2. What is your top 5 favorite books?

Too vague. Are you referring to the human realm , my realm other places where you might call it a book but it has 3 different names for the word book. I suppose I can just say that I have seasons. So I will have a book of the month. A book of the season. A book of the hour. If I were to give you my top 5 you would be here still tomorrow.

3. Give 3 least liked books and why you chose them?

I would.I would. However then I would have to admit I actually read those pieces of recycled troll droppings. Snow would rather not admit that she read those.

4. Do you drink or eat some foods while reading?

*Munches while answering these questions* I always eat and drink.

5. What is your favorite song?

The same answer as number 2. However I will tell you my favourite song of this hour.  Save Tonight by ZAYDE WOLF

6. When did you start your blog?

Technically in 2011. When did I continue the art of huddling in my cave and writing down my thoughts? About the beginning of this year.

7. What is the title of the book you last bought?

Me before you.

8. If you were a character from a book, who would you be?

What are you talking about I am a character from a book. Oh fine, I will be Fawkes from Harry Potter. He is always such a pleasant problematic little phoenix. Unlike the ones I have met.

9. Where do you buy your books?

Bargain Books is my favourite portal.

10. If you have a chance to visit a place in a story you’ve read, where will you go?

Will you be jealous if I told you I have friends that allow me to have such dreams.To truly live in the worlds that I read about…hmmm. I suppose Narnia has impressed me the most.

11. Do you play any sports? If yes, what sport is it?

No. I do not sport.

Snow’s questions for you

  1. Describe yourself using words that start with each letter in your name.
  2. Do you prefer a forest, the mountains or the ocean?
  3. What is more important for you being perceived as kind, intelligent, creative, original , powerful or mysterious?
  4. List a few songs that describes situations that you have been in. Songs that would have been playing in the background if your experiences were trailers.
  5. What have books done for you?
  6. If you could have a character of any book join you for a day in your life who would you choose?
  7. What is the first book you can remember reading.
  8. What is your favourite mythical creature?
  9. Name a song that would go with a book as a book blurb.

If you answer yes, no or one word answers… I will frown upon your answers.

Motivate yourself. Let me read you.

Do you think my questions are too intrusive or can you handle it?

I tag the following people for this award:

The one that hail from Fiction @fictionophile

The kitty from the cat realm @suekooky

The one that is wonderless  @wonderlessreview

If you love my questions (I don’t blame you. Snow thinks of amazing questions.) and you have NOT been tagged by me, feel free to comment your answers or blog a post answering these questions. Tag me I’ll feature the best answers next week. 











I am Snow.

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