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I Wish My Teacher Knew by Kyle Schwartz.

My teaching philosophy is  characterized by the belief that where a student starts does not dictate where they will end up.


Author: Kyle Schwartz
Publisher: Perseus Books Group, Da Capo Press
Pages: 262
Source: NetGalley
Genre:  Parenting & Families, Nonfiction (Adult)
Rating: 4
I received an ARC from Netgalley provided by Perseus Books Group, Da Capo Press 
for an honest review.

What is it about:

“I wish my teacher knew” a sentence that started off as a small exercise in a third-grade class then exploded into a viral sensation that swept classes by storm all over the world. Learn what happened after Kyle Schwartz tweeted the first post-it note #iwishmyteacherknew. This book is a guideline for teaching and the necessities behind teaching. This book explores aspects of what makes it easier for a child to learn and more likely to succeed as a positive member of their community. It reveals statistics from all over America addressing poverty, abuse and divorce. There are also many touching testimonies and experiences included. This is a book for teachers, parents and for every community.

My Experience:

Honestly, I want to go buy a copy for all of my friends studying to become a teacher. It is that good.

I started reading this book casually and like a frog in a pot, it was boiling around me before I knew it. I was entranced. The words are so raw. So honest. I felt it crawl on my skin and aiming arrows at my heart and yes this is a non-fiction book.  The honest scribbles of what a child wants their teacher to know coupled with heartbreaking stories and well-researched statistics made this book such an achievement.

“I had the pleasure of being the third-grade teacher to…”

So many sentences began as the previous quoted sentence. That’s why I enjoyed reading this book so much because the person who wrote it has a genuine passion for teaching. When someone has a passion that is this strong you can’t help but be affected, it warms your heart. I believe passionate people can change the world.

I loved the angle the author had throughout the whole book it was so unbiased and filled with kindness. No judgment. You learn about what influences teaching. What are the external factors that make a student more likely to succeed? This book deals with how to handle sensitive issues in a class from abuse to not having enough money for breakfast.  It can be something as small as requesting a child to help move a chair, that can change their life. I found so many chapters absolutely fascinating. I laughed a few times from children wanting to immediately send someone a goat because that seems like the obvious thing to do to almost crying because of a 1000 origami birds.  I can’t repeat this enough, the author’s passion echoes through each page and vibrates excitedly from each story.

Confession time. I was not the smartest kid when it came to math in school no matter how much I tried I just could not get better at it, but because of encouraging parents and teachers like this author, I was told to find my strengths elsewhere which lead me to write. I was taught to focus on my strengths and I was recognized for that strength and not critiqued for my weakness.

I believe education must be placed above everything. With education, humans can change the world. It has been proven time and time again, and it is proven as I write this review. Somewhere someone is operating on a wounded survivor, saving a life. Somewhere someone is building a new application that will allow us to do something magnificent. All of that is only possible because somewhere they decided they wanted to learn they decided to pay attention and study.

Every extraordinary person started as a child with a teacher. Teachers differ but everyone has someone a mentor or a book that teaches them and their teachings will shape who they will essentially be a person one day. The education system must always strive to improve. In my opinion, if every school implemented the way of teaching that is explored in this book, the world would be a different place.


  • This is a must read for students studying to become teachers.
  • Any teacher who would like to improve or learn something new to attempt in class, this book is for you.

Powerful quotes:

Their words, not mine, reached all corners of the globe, proving that even eight-year-olds possess tremendous reserves of honesty and insight that can make a measurable impact.

My teaching philosophy is  characterized by the belief that where a student starts does not dictate where they will end up.

If a child is courageous enough to open up to me about what they have experienced, I can be brave enough to listen. My strength comes from their strength; my hope comes from their hope.

What I liked:

I guess the one thing I will not forget about this book there was a chapter where a “problem child’s” issues are put on paper. However writing down the core of each issue and each positive quality that can come out of each problem. It resonated with me. The world needs to have this paradigm. Don’t ask what is the problem ask wat is the reason for the problem.

What I did not like:

The word rigorous. Not something I did not like necessarily, in fact, I can now spell rigorous. However, I need to critique something about this book. So I will critique the word rigorous it occurred in many chapters.


I’m giving this book 4 cheery snowflakes.



                                                                                                               / 5




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