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What the shelf?

Hello, humans, dragons, elves, and all folk that I do not have time to list but still love. Today is a glorious day. As I was sitting in a tree listening to the laughter of a stream below, I thought to myself: “Snow we should give the world a glimpse of all the books that we have recently acquired” So that is what I am doing today.

I Snow, am quite proud of the collection I have built up. It took many wandering journeys and I had to fight with a wizard to open a portal for me. It was worth it.

It was glorious, dear reader. The bargains I found! I searched through every nook and cranny, for those trolls like to hide the books where one can not find them. A troll is no match for Snow, however. I also received some of these books as gifts or I received some magic paper that grants free books (Book vouchers).

Here are the books I have bought this year. Some I have read some I have not. Some of these already have reviews, that will be posted soon.








This one I received yesterday from a piece of paper that grants free books.

(I refused to buy the book with a cinematic cover so they had to order a different edition for me. Cinematic covers for who? Not Snow.)




I hope you had fun reading this. I am off now, talk soon!


~ Sincerely Snow




I am Snow.

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