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Yes I know, I’m late.

I know.

I know.

There was a bear and my cave was infiltrated. An elf took me out on a mission to recover some groceries from the frozen mall.

I had some scrolls that were due and time decided to change the numbers around so here I am with empty hands.


This was me realizing it’s Wednesday and I don’t have a review.


You see the problem is, I have so many books on my shelf right now, I’m reading all of them at once. Which means instead of reading one, finishing it and writing a review I’m in the middle of all of them.

However have no fear my snow-folk. Dragons, elves, women and men. Soon you will get reviews from me. Not just one but two! I don’t want to give specific dates here because as you can see my planning is not the best at this point in time. You never know if a bear is going to come into my cave and trap me or some bat comes and steal my lamp. I Snow, have many challenges and distractions in this land of procrastination.

I know you are probably going like this :




Don’t do it. Snow will be back soon with more reviews and maybe some interviews. You never know.

Have faith in the Snow.

I appreciate all of my readers. Comment any books that I should check out that you have enjoyed recently. Don’t be shy talk to me.

I won’t give you frostbite.


~ Sincerely Snow







I am Snow.

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