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Julia Vanishes by Catherine Egan


Title: Julia Vanishes

Author: Catherine Egan

Publisher: Random House Children’s

Pages: 243 

Source: NetGalley

Rating: 4.5

I received an ARC of Julia Vanishes by Catherine Egan from NetGalley provided by Random House Children’s for an honest book review.

The plot:

Welcome to a time where magic is taboo. If you are found with a pen on you, that’s enough cause to be drowned. If a match is lit on your skin you better burn baby burn because if you don’t you are a witch. Whether you knew this or not. Surprise! Unfortunately for you, this means you will now be drowned.

Julia has learned long ago that an honest job will pay but crime pays way more, especially if you have the skills that Julia has. Julia has the ability to become unseen. Not invisible exactly but she is able to slip into a space severed from reality where others can not see her.

This makes Julia very good at what she does.

My Experience:

Oh, great hounds where do I begin!

Oh dear, how do I describe this delicious adventure?

How do I describe this date this book and I had?

It started with a strong introduction. It made some light conversations. The book was attractive and it caught my polite curiosity.

Slowly its charm subtly started to seep through the pages. Its words flirting harmlessly with me. Then it took a deeper turn it looked into my eyes and started whispering secrets in my ear. By the end of the date, I was utterly seduced.

I need the next date book in the series now.

Julia is a strong female character with an intense curiosity about anything and everything. She can find comfort in being alone and when presented with new knowledge she does not merely glance at it but she dissects it, absorbs it and makes it part of her.

I loved how I was able to connect with Julia. I could relate to her and I could even dislike her. She wasn’t a perfect character she was a thief and unlike many books where the main female character always makes the right choices this is not the case.


“I’ve tangled with forces stronger than I am, and they haven’t killed me yet. I may not be able to change the world, but I am the best thief and spy this wretched city has ever known.”

“I hold the pen and do not know which of us is master”

What I liked:

I loved the third person written pieces between the chapters. It gave a completely different level of intensity of the book and made me that much more invested in the story.

What I did not like:

I feel Julia’s brother, Dek, was not developed to his full potential. I could see he cared for his sister , crippled by disease and extremely smart and perceptive but I could not see more. I could not see him as clearly as all the other characters. I didn’t get to know him. I still don’t know him.

Also, the lack of information of the owl.


This book is the perfect book to snuggle and cuddle with in the winter.

For all of those who loves a good mystery novel sprinkled with supernatural enchantments this one is for you.

I would recommend this to ages 13+.


I give this book 4 and a half stars out of 5

*  *  *  *  / 5



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