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Gone by Michael Grant

This book is fantastically original and brilliant it has the approval of Mr. Stephen King himself.



 Gone by Michael Grant



So imagine you are sitting in class.

Some boring teacher is droning on about some war or is busy telling a hit-your-head-against-the-desk-because-it-is-such-a-lame joke. Then…


The teacher is gone. At first, you wipe the drool of your face because you were just starting to fall asleep. You look around and all the children in the class look just as dazed and confused as you. Where is prof… what’s his face?

This is what Sam Temple experiences in the first few pages of this book. In the beginning *poof* is an amusing joke everyone makes but then what do you do when you realize every person that is older than you is gone…

This book is brilliant.


I guess you can call this a modern version of Lord of the Flies. What happens when there are no rules and children can do what they want? What happens when children start doing  the strange and the impossible ?

Somebody gets hurt that’s what happens.

Recommendations :

I don’t recommend this book for all ages… This book contains scenes of cruelty and violence and it exploits the true evil nature that hides in humans.

I would definitely not recommend staying up until 3 am in the morning to finish reading this book because you will (like I did) jump at every shadow for another hour before falling asleep. If you did this try keeping on the light it helps!

Themes :

Good VS Evil

Freedom VS Captivity

Order VS Chaos

Self-preservation VS moral values

Young love

Rate :

**** 5 stars 😀


I recently read the rest of the series. Plague was by far the most terrifying disturbing traumatizing book I have ever read and I loved every letter of it.

The series as a whole is also a 5. It is a marvelous series by Michael Grant and I will never forget the FAYZ and the 3000 pages we traveled together.



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