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Manga Classics: The Scarlet Letter by Crystal S. Chan , Stacy King , Sunneko Lee

I received an ARC of Manga Classics: The Scarlet Letter from NetGalley provided by Udon Entertainment for an honest book review.




Adapted by : Crystal S. Chan

Artist : Sunneko Lee

Dialogue editor: Stacy King

“The Scarlet Letter”

The Plot:

This is a novel based on the infamous classic The Scarlet Letter.

In the puritan community of the seventeenth-century Boston was ruled by religious laws. Anybody who was found guilty of sin was executed or exiled from the community. In walks Hester Prynne who just gave birth to a beautiful baby. The problem? The father is not Hester’s husband. The consequences of this adulterous act result in Hester to be branded with the letter A on her chest. From an unknown lover to a very outraged husband, this story is a classic that has been retold for years.

My Experience:

This was the first novel I have read that was redone in manga style.

I devoured it and I’m hungrily searching for more.

Even though I have not read the actual piece of literature, I was immediately sucked in by the story. The story was told in vivid pictures evoking sympathy outrage and empathy for Hester.

I was absolutely enthralled by the manga style. This is probably because of my love for anime but I obsessed over every single block with Hester. On some of the pages, I was lightly struck by a picture and it would trickle through my veins and leave me frozen in an ice block of roaring emotions.


Religion VS God

Love VS Hate


What I Liked:

I loved the illustrations. I can not emphasize how much I related to the drawings. I did not need the book to tell me how the characters felt because it was reflected in their eyes screaming from their entire being.

What I did not like:

There were a few times that a set of frames were missing that was needed for the transition of emotions. Since sometimes there was an immediate transition which made it a bit confusing to understand/relate to the scene completely.

Rating for this manga novel:

As this is my first rating for a manga novel I am giving this a 3/5.

*  *  */ 5

A really good book with fantastic illustrations but I do feel some of the strings to attach the story were missing. Especially the story of the scorned husband.


I would recommend that (unlike me) to first read the actual book so you can appreciate the manga more and have a bit more background about the characters.

I recommend this book for anybody who has been intimidated by The Scarlet letter and other classics before but that always wanted to read it.



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